Who are you, really?

Describe the ‘you’ in one word.

Good? Innocent? Sensitive? Honest? Bad? Cold? Courageous? Introvert? Ambivert? Extravagent? Moody? Cheerful? Crazy? Selfish? Aloof? Emotional? And what not?

Does it depend on how others see you or how you see yourself? Most times, we are obsessed with how people look at us. Trying to find the acknowledgement that we need to have self-esteem.

But we have to realize that the ‘you’ is not the same ‘you’ at all times.

People are openionated and judgemental. They see through different mirrors. We are sometimes the reflection.

Life is a flux and change is constant

Then, who are you, really? Do you describe yourself based on how you are predominantly? On most cases, this is ‘me’!

We see a bit of us in everybody. Memes that we share on our social media proves that.

There is never a definite answer. We are the greys. Ultimately, it all comes down to our life condition or life state.

Sometimes we are lost in our thoughts. We are lost. We don’t know who we are anymore. The difference between the past and the present being too big. We wander trying to find the truth to ‘Who Am I’. Anxeity, fear, loneliness, depression wrapping us in a blanket.

To all those people, it’s okay.
We are the greys. We are neither white nor black. We are neither good nor bad. We are neither. We are both. We are everything. Take it in. Don’t restrain.

With love,
KD ❤️

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