Pseudobulbar affect – Craziness of a Capricorn Woman

There is a famous saying in Tamizh, “வாய் விட்டு சிரித்தால் நோய் விட்டு போகும்”!

Literal Translation as follows:

வாய் (Vaai) means ”Mouth”

சிரித்தால் (Siriththaal) means “To Laugh”

நோய் (Nooi) means “Sickness”

போகும் means (Poogum) “To go/To leave”

“Laughter is the Best Medicine”


I laugh like a crazy woman. I cry like an even more crazy person. Crying and laughing seems to come very naturally to me. Few people term me as ‘hypersensitive’ which in some cases, I agree. So, what do you call when a person laughs and cries at the same time? Craughing! I almost do this all the time where the sight can be pretty terrifying.

You get into a serious mess when you are the only person laughing in the room while everyone is rigid, scary and serious! The situations just demands my laughter. Why so serious! Do we really need a reason to laugh? I wonder why we always find a reason or try to connect the dots to find a sane answer.

{A good friend of mine, whenever he comes to office in the morning, he wears a big smile. People ask him whether something happened (Enna aachu? Inniku overah sirikara! / What happened? You have a big smile), he says, ‘Do we need a reason to smile? I like to smile!’. }

And hilariously, I cry when I am really angry! My friends and my colleagues find it pretty amusing too.

So, I researched about this peculiar characteristic of mine in the World Wide Web and found out that it’s called the “Pseudobulbar affect” which is almost similar. Pseudobulbar Affect (PBA) is a medical condition causing sudden, frequent, uncontrollable crying and/or laughing that doesn’t match how you feel.

That explains it 😂 To conclude, no matter how difficult your situation seems to be or how depressed you feel; whether you want to roll up and cry or seclude yourself; I say to you that ‘Laughter is the Best Medicine’!! It also is good for your brain.

Don’t forget, “Health is Wealth”

Watch this video!

With love,

KD ❤️

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