This woman – An Immovable Object

Dark clouds forming inside her head blinding her with the darkness which has now overtaken her.

The tensed nerves wrecking her spine to stand tall. To stand straight with chin up. To not to cry. To not to get disappointed. To not to get emotional. To not to make a scene. To not to bend!

It took everything in her to stand in her place with a smile.

She tried to blow away the darkness with her limited wisdom but it was futile.

The constant bubbles of WHY wiped away her smile, her laugh and it burst into misery.

But she had to build a callous around her heart to pull herself up.

The battle lost numerously within seconds. Seconds? For her, it felt like ‘kalpas’.

She reasoned with herself that she brought it upon herself. This heartbreaking situation where all her kin were there in that present with their teeth.

She couldn’t phanthom why she didn’t deserve the teeth from her kin.

‘Put me out of my misery’ was her desperate cry.

She wanted to run, hide and vanish in thin air if it was possible.

‘Magic’! If at all there was magic.

She is not regretting her decision. She is happy. She is complete.

Then, what is the problem?

She misses her kin.

She was difficult to approach. She has a hard shell. For her, dialogue was something she has to put her entire energy on. Drained from all her energy used on dialogue.

She didn’t want to cause drama by bursting out her tears. She waited for everything to finish and she walked away with a heavy heart.

The heaviness causing imbalance to her center falling hard on the ground. But she didn’t turn back. She got herself up and walked away.

Far away. Away from the dark clouds into the light to shine upon her inner darkness.

Will she be alright?

I think she will be because she is a woman who is immovable!

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