Addiction for coziness brings nightmares?

We all have a thing for coziness. Don’t we just love being cozy?
A warm bed wrapped with the soft quilt with perfect room temperature neither too cold nor too hot. After a tough day at work, you can’t wait to get your home, to your cozy bed. The minute you reach the door of your home, you run and just get yourself comfortable.

Reaching pure ecstacy through coziness 

One day, her addiction for coziness pushed her to find a comfortable place to sleep other than her bed. Why? Because there should always be an alternative 🤔

Partial truth but the real reason being, her bed was dumped with a week full of dried clothes waiting to be placed in her wardrobe.

She being very lazy after traveling kilometers for work, wanted to just sleep. Too tired for the dramas, she discovered sleeping in her hall of her home was more cozier than the bed.

So, she placed her perfectly soft, cushy quilt on the floor and made herself comfortable. With the hope to have a peaceful sleep, she drifted off to the nothingness.

Little did she know what was waiting for her in the nothingness. The dreams were anticipating for her arrival to take her to a heart wrenching rollercoaster ride without the seat belt on.  

Well, the next morning, she woke up with a fright accompanied by the shortness of breath, sweat and a bad morning breath. 

May be, if she challenged herself to overcome her laziness; placed her clothes in the wardrobe and slept in her ever cozy bed, may be, just may be, she wouldn’t have had a nightmare.

But, what nightmares got to do with coziness? 

Well, she needed a reason for everything. Quite a girl she is.

That was one hell of a ride she had that day. But, she learnt her lesson. Laziness costed her peaceful sleep. She determined to never be lazy again.

Note the word ‘determined’ 😂

With love,

KD ❤️

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