Why is it hard to confess? Or is it hard? 


The question remains unanswered. There is no definite answer for it. But, confession is hard. It gets harder with time. 

It’s funny how hard it becomes with silence. Is it that we are scared that we will be judged for our actions? Or whatever we did, we are too ashamed to talk about it? 

Some people wonder about the need to confess. Is it really necessary that we should confess to the other person? Obligated to or not, it’s up to the individual to do so. 

 Freedom or liberty of an individual shaking the balance of the other. 

Confession to some brings liberation. While no confession is liberation to some.

Fortunately or unfortunately, we have no ‘perfect’ way to life. We try not to hurt others by our confession.

But, my belief is that even if hurts, confession is good. You do feel liberated. You feel like the weight has been lifted from your shoulders. But again, its upto individual awakening.

With love,

KD ❤️

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