Proclivity towards perfection


It starts with a very small act. The ‘Perfection’ of droplets making a mighty ‘perfect’ ocean. 

Brush perfectly. Wash perfectly. Walk perfectly. Sit perfectly. Dress perfectly. Talk perfectly… Live Perfectly, Die perfectly and perfectly ever after…

The need to be perfect gets injected from the birth. People fail to see the beauty in imperfection. As for me, I also have this proclivity for perfection. 

Sometimes, it gets so bad that it kind of becomes an addiction. A constant reminder automated to remind me to be perfect.

Does my proclivity towards perfection brings distress?

Sometimes, it does and sometimes, it doesn’t. When it does, I realize how difficult it is to change your mind, your thoughts and your actions. 

I try to put whatever I learnt into action. It is a constant battle within myself. There is a gosho written by Nichiren Daishonin which talks about mastering our mind. 

Be the master of your mind rather than the mind mastering you 

I remember these lines and try to imbibe it in my life at difficult situations.

With love,

KD ❤️

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