Cherishing one’s life 

Growing up, I was always told by my mentor Daisaku Ikeda that one should cherish one’s life. 

Because of his strict guidance, I started to cherish all the moments both good and bad from my young age. I hold all the memories dear to my heart. 

We cherish our precious memories. I have so many memories of the past that I am cherishing in this present moment. The present moment is also being cherished. Even when I am facing a challening situation, when you start cherishing it, it becomes a beautiful experience. 

More than having a cherished memories, we should cherish oneself or the person in front of you because that is one of the greatest joys for any living being. 

How to cherish the other person in front of you?

  1. Be compassionate

  2. Having a compassion towards other people’s happiness makes you to cherish that person.

  3. Become a good friend

  4. When you start being a good friend to them, you will wish for their happiness. You will differentiate between the good and the bad for them.

  5. Have a heartfelt dialogue

  6. Conducting a dialogue is very important in any relationship. Dialogue is nothing but communication. You need to have heartfelt communication with the other person. When you do that, they will start cherishing you just like you are cherishing them.

Finally, when people start to follow these steps, naturally there will be a flow of friendship and peace.

Wishing for a peace filled society and it starts with cherishing oneself and the other person.

With love,
KD ❤️

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