Calloused Heart

Over the years of being in a relationship with little intimacy and contact only through phone calls and texts, she is still wondering what exactly love is and what it means to be in a relationship. A long distance relationship would worn you physically, emotionally and mentally​.

But still she held on to that person like a gravitational force. In spite of all the chaos, she found herself falling for him even more. When in war, when you are the soldier, invariably you get hurt, you bleed and at times, it becomes fatal.

You need to have a strong heart and a powerful life force and wisdom as a sage. 

Now, after 10 years of being in a relationship to which most of her relatives and parent opposed, she is finally getting​ married to that person whom she is head over heels in love.

Over the years, people kept asking her the same question, “how are you in a long term relationship with one guy for so many years?”. Taking into account of the present circumstances where love became a gamble and an era where people are calculative with the mind ruling over heart, she gives them a loopy smile.

The truth is she herself wonders the same when she is immersed in her thoughts. The question bewilders her. ‘how can you not?’ is what her heart would answer her back when her mind ponders on their questions.

Her heart holds the callouses with pride. With people always questioning her actions and judging her based on that man that she chose, the heart formed itself a thicker skin protecting herself from poachers.

She portrayed herself as a very strong woman and what you say is what you become. It became true in her case.

Fake it till you make it!

She indeed became a very strong woman and it’s because of her calloused heart.

At the end of the day, it is love that drives her to the ultimatum. It drives her crazy but that craziness feels good for her. Love makes her life colorful. In the darkness, love guides her like the light. And this is what she strongly believes to the point that I myself get surprised with her intensity of a flame.

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