5-strategies-for-positive-behavior-support-in-inclusive-classroomsEvery beginning of a new semester, we wake up early morning, praying earnestly for one thing- ‘Not to sit in the first bench’

Schools in my country (I don’t know for other countries) believe that first bench students are Nerds to put in a more diplomatic way ‘Students who are good in studies’.

Little did they know that first bench students go through a hard time in taking decisions between wanting to sleep or to keep listening to their lecturer​.

On the first day, we wake up early,

reach early and we mark our place in the benches like a wolf marking his mate when he meets her for the first time ( inspired from werewolf stories from Wattpad). We mark our sacred place, the place where we are going to dwell for the next 10 months.

But, some poor unlucky souls get struck by their karma and they are forced to sit at that taboo bench.

Their freedom is snatched by those who have the authority and they are, therefore, branded as a ‘NERD’ and they are ‘forever alone’. They term you as a ‘book-worm’ and tease you if you fail in a subject.

Unknown to them, you live each moment in panic of ‘what if’s’

What if they teacher questions you?

What if you don’t know the answer and everybody starts laughing at you?

What if you embarrass yourself by getting caught because you attempted to do what others did?

What if the teacher bet you or send you off to hell (principal’s office)?

What if the teacher reads aloud the bullshit that you write in your notebook?

What if you become the joker of the class?

The serious of ‘what if’s’ control and bring turmoil to the first bench students that they are always in alert as if they are guarding the country!


The responsibilities of a first bench student include:

  • They have to pretend to listen to what the teacher is teaching
  • They have to write notes so that they have the rope to forge friendships with others in class
  • They have to laugh for the plain jokes that the teacher is making
  • They have to listen to the teacher’s problem while he/she fools herself during that process
  • They have to be the ‘errand boy/girl’ to the teacher
  • Most pathetic of all is that they have to keep praying that the teacher should not ask any questions and embarrass them.

The painful days are those, when last bench students, middle bench students are all secretly eating during classes and if that is your favorite food, you are doomed. You want to eat too with them and have that delicious mouth-watering dish in your mouth and yet, you are not able to do that.

Instead, you act like you don’t care and your classmates brand you as an arrogant.

You sacrifice your happiness so that others can happily enjoy their school days. You are so compassionate.

They are the first bench students. They make the sacrifices. They are the selfless.

Karma is, if you continue to be a first bench student even in your office! That is the saddest of all. You keep your head high and seem like you are not bothered by it but deep inside, you scream every day that fate is playing with your life (too dramatic—I know)

To all the first bench students, Kudos to you!

You are the best!

With love,



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