Have you ever felt that you are different from other people of your age? Did you, sometimes, saw the world passing you by?

HAVE YOU EVER FELT THAT YOU are in rhythm with the universe? The ebb and flow of energies of the macrocosm fusing with your microcosm thereby forming the connection of the infinite?

But there are days when you are alone. The sudden disconnection of your being with the universe and you are lost. Whatever you do, you are not satisfied with yourself. You feel like you lag in everything. You feel so miserable. You are so ugly and terrible. The entire negative forces of nature, your own inner darkness starts controlling you. The darkness, like a cocoon, severe you from the universal law.

You wear a headset with your “SAD-DAYS-FAVORITE-PLAYLISTS”. You don’t let anybody in your world. You push everyone around you; the very few people you have; you push them away. You feel like you need that space to get back on your feet. You feel like they are interfering in your space and you can’t concentrate. After pushing them away, you feel lonely and alone in this world but it is during those lonely moments in your life, you take decisions that will change your life. The entire world that crumbled, suddenly, starts regaining its ties with the universe.

There is a saying in Buddhism that your life is part of the universe and it acts in rhythm with the principle of the universe.

When you are in rhythm with the universe, your negative forces of your life gets sucked out and your life brims with positive energy of the nature.

You can feel these “normal-cannot-be-explained-in-words-feelings.”

That’s why when we go to temples, people feel very calm and they believe that their life will change. The environment in the temple gives you a peaceful mind and you can think clearly and you are in rhythm with nature. It drains your negativity with the positiveness and immediately it lifts your spirits.

People have different theories, different philosophies through which you can connect. Some people travel because it erases their darkness from their life. A change of environment feels good. While certain people chose to enlighten themselves with books. With understanding comes the enlightenment. Some people chant different mantras to lift their spirits.

According to me, I use the following techniques to stay myself connected with the universe.

  1. Wear a headset and go to music player and play weird songs which portray my mixed feelings. Music produces energies and waves. These energies in turn revitalizes our energy to lift our life force.

  2. Go to my room; open all the windows of my room; take a chair and sit there looking outside; the sky, the clouds, the crows, the people, and I will see the world pass me by and understand that just because WE feel like us, the world doesn’t wait for us to catch up.

  3. Go to beach with the beautiful view of the nature, cold breeze, and listen to songs and after few hours, everything becomes normal but a little part of you will change.

But the most beneficial way is to chant mantras. Like I said before I follow Nichiren Buddhism. I, therefore, chant the following mantra which produces energy and directly hits our chakras. It is believed that this mantra is the foremost of all the mantras to stay connected with the universal forces.

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo


The change in our life force should be from within. It should not depend on external factors for it will be fleeting.

I hope people stay connected and enlightened.

KD ❤


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